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This week on VeganFlix there are so many great videos. You can listen to an insightful interview between a vegan teenager and her non-vegan mother, and also to an inspiring TEDx talk by Kerry McCarty who has been vegan for over a decade. Find out some awesome vegan footwear brands, and also learn about 8 tips that will help any beginner vegan.

Are you a vegan teen with unsupportive family members?

So many people struggle with social disapproval as a vegan, and a lot of the time it’s from the people they are closest to – their family. This video is so unique because it’s an interview between a vegan teenager and a non-vegan mother. Brianna Jackson, the teen vegan here, decided it would be a good idea to bring her own mother into the video and ask her some questions. It brings a whole other perspective into the picture, and her mother gives tips to both teen vegans and also the parents of teen vegans. It’s an extremely insightful and helpful video full of useful tips and information on how to deal with unsupportive parents as a teenage vegan.

Listen to an inspirational vegan of over a decade shed light on the concept of compassion in today’s society.

This is a very inspirational TEDx talk given at the University of Stirling by Kerry McCarthy. Kerry has been vegan for over a decade, so she has lots of knowledge and experience with veganism. This talk differs from other talks about veganism because she doesn’t specifically tell people about reasons why they should go vegan. Instead, she focuses more on the reasons why meat eaters continue to eat meat. This talk is humorous and informative at the same time. Kerry’s speech is sure to make any non-vegans question their diet. She explains her personal path to veganism while also questioning the concept of compassion in the contemporary environment. She talks about how our brains evolved, and so much more. Both vegans and non-vegans alike can learn something from this TEDx talk.

Are you searching for some new vegan footwear?

In this video, Jenné from SweetPotatoSoul shows viewers some amazing vegan footwear options. The great thing about all the shoes featured is that they aren’t just vegan – they’re also ethically made, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Jenné shows what each shoe looks like with different outfits, and she also explains a bit of background and information about each company. A variety of footwear is shown in this video, including both sneakers and heels. All of the individual links to where you can purchase each pair of footwear are listed in the description of SweetPotatoSoul’s youtube video.

Need inspiration and tips to make your transition to veganism easier?

In this video, Neto from The Raw Boy shares his top 8 tips for beginner vegans. His tips are all from his personal experience and he explains things that have helped him on his vegan journey.

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