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Are you ready to watch some incredibly inspiring videos? Hopefully you are, because that is exactly what’s in store for you this week on VeganFlix! In this blog post, you will find a moving Tedx talk by food activist Bryant Terry, some tips and tricks if you are starting or struggling with your vegan journey, a great cauliflower tabouli recipe, and you can also listen to an extremely powerful rap. Sit back and relax while you watch these next few videos!

Stirring up political change from the kitchen

Bryant Terry is an urban chef, educator, author, and food activist. In this video, he starts by talking a bit about his history and childhood, and how his food choices changed throughout the years. He explained what made him go vegetarian (spoiler alert- a song!). Bryant puts the culture back into agriculture in a very unique way. He uses an anthropological lens to look at how food can spark incredibly revolutionary shifts in people’s habits, attitudes, and even their politics.


Are you interested in the vegan lifestyle but you don’t know where to start? In this video, Jasmine shares 10 easy tips that will help you go and stay vegan for good! She recommends some great apps, people to follow, and so much more. Such a super helpful video for anyone struggling with veganism or starting their vegan journey.

The Teen Vegan – Featured Chef At The Farmers Market

In this video, Haile from Plant Powered Haile takes on a farmers market journey! She had a table there as a featured chef. Before cooking her recipe, Haile showed her experience shopping at the different vendors for local produce to use in her recipe. She then used those ingredients to make a delicious looking cauliflower tabouli. In one hour she gave out over 200 samples of it! You can find Haile’s full cauliflower tabouli recipe at

Boogie Down Productions – Beef

This rap is extremely powerful. It’s exactly what you would think it’s about – beef. The lyrics are very influential, they explain the process of what happens to beef cows in the animal agriculture industry. Here is a sample from the rap:

Let us begin now with the cow
The way it gets to your plate and how
The cow doesn’t grow fast enough for man
So through his greed, he creates a faster plan
He has drugs to make the cow grow quicker
Through the stress, the cow gets sicker

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I'm a 21 year old ethical vegan who makes a living selling hand drawn vegan apparel. I'm a Canadian Palestinian, currently living in the province of Alberta. I live with my amazing boyfriend who lives the same lifestyle as me, and we have a rescue dog named Jamal. I'm a chartered herbalist, and freelance writer as well.