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We have some incredible videos for you this week on VeganFlix! Learn about some popular milk myths and how to debunk them, and about how being vegan can improve your performance as an athlete. Are you curious about how to eat vegan in a college dorm with no kitchen? Or what snacks are great to bring on a long road trip? If so, you’ll find out answers soon!

The Magnificent Milk Myth … Debunked | Brooke Miles | TEDxWilmington

Brooke Miles is a former-dairy-fanatic-turned-vegan. She is a humorous writer and an award-winning speaker. In this Tedx talk, Brooke completely debunks the main myths about milk and dairy in general. Brooke doesn’t expect to convert the world to veganism. Her goal is to educate people on nutritional choices through a light-hearted approach. She provides scientific evidence and facts to back up everything she says.

NFL Wide Receiver Griff Whalen: Eating Vegan ‘Helps Me a Lot’

In this video made in collaboration with PETA, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Griff Whalen talks about the reasons why he went vegan. He has been vegan for around three years now. Griff discusses the benefits he’s received and how it has affected his body and his performance on the field.


Are you a vegan living in college dorms and struggling with ideas of meals you can make and foods you can eat? In this video, Amanda gives a full tour of all the food she keeps in her college dorm. She has a fridge and a sink, but no kitchen! Amanda makes all her meals out of her dorm using rice cookers and blenders, no stove or oven at all. It’s a great video that will give you so many ideas about snacks and meals you can make to keep yourself healthy and vegan while in college!


SweetPotatoSoul has some amazing recipes for easy vegan snacks you can make that are perfect for when you are traveling and on the go. This video actually has three recipes in it! Almond butter rice crispy treats, spicy roasted pepitas, and sticky nut bars. Enjoy!

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