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A legendary celebrity with a message, a poppy earworm of a vegan ditty, and a rousing post-win speech from an athlete — all this week on Now Playing!


When you’re looking for a glowing vegan role model. Watch “Alicia Silverstone Interview VEGAN ‘The Kind Diet’”

Animal rights activist, vegan, and forever “Cher” from Clueless, this was only the beginning of actor Alicia Silverstone’s impassioned work to teach people how easy, tasty, and life-changing going vegan can be. Since the release of her book, The Kind Diet, she’s continued to spread the vegan word, penned countless blog posts, and starred in ads promoting the lifestyle that’s left her “glowing.”

 If you’re a comedy-song fan, watch “What I Gotta Do? (To Make You Go Vegan)”

This poppy, irreverent, slightly off-kilter comedy song will get stuck in your head, guaranteed. You’ll brush your teeth (like the Melbourne, Australia-based singer’s pal in the video) and suddenly hear the reggae-style chorus dancing around your head: “What I gotta do?” Thanks for the earworm, Vegan Smythe!

When you’re ready to throw down, metaphorically. Watch “UFC Fighter tells CROWD GO VEGAN.”

It seems like more and more athletes are going vegan every day — including many UFC fighters such as Nate Diaz. To see why so many are going plant-based, check out this recent Men’s Health article, “Why UFC’s Toughest Fighters Are Going Vegan.” This particular recorded moment, however, from Abel Trujillo following a fight, is explosive in its passion and worth a rewatch.

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