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This week you can learn how to make vegan versions of a traditional Jewish dish, find the best natural vegan skin and hair care items (which you’ll probably need after all that fried food), and get major inspo from a lifelong celebrity animal rights activist.

Celebrating Hanukkah or just love fried potatoes? Watch “VEGAN POTATO LATKES FOR HANUKKAH”


There are plenty of vegan latkes (potato pancake) recipes you can look up online, but watching someone easily fry up their own makes the process all the easier — and gets you in the menorah-lighting mood.


Love all things natural skin & hair care? Watch “Vegan Beauty Favorites with Desiree of Vivrant Beauty”

Learn about natural, vegan skin and hair care products as Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul and the Nourishing Vegan checks in with Desiree of Harlem shop Vivrant Beauty. (Hint: Her store is also online.) Perhaps the most surprising element of the beauty shop haul is all the items infused with everyday spices like tumeric, and foods like kale, with all their hidden health benefits.


Wondering why celebrities choose vegan diets? Watch “Pamela Anderson | A True Vegan Activist”

Pamela Anderson explains how she became a vegan activist at a young age in such an understanding, clear-headed way that it makes animal rights seem like the obvious choice for any compassionate person. And we meet a few more recent vegan celebs along the way!

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Emily Savage is a journalist, vegan, and social media strategist. Her work has appeared on PETA, Bust Magazine, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, Ventana Magazine and more. She resides in sleepy coastal Ventura, Calif. with her husband and two rescue pups.