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This week get ready to laugh with some vegan inspired comedy and learn some body building tips from a pro. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to open up a vegan cafe on your own? Or what it’s like to live as a 13 year old vegan with a non-vegan family? You can find out all this with what’s playing this week on VeganFlix.

If you’ve ever wondered how to be vegan in a non-vegan family, this 13 year old boy tells you how.

Vegan Youth is a youtube channel run by a 13 year old boy living with his non-vegan family. He talks about the struggles of living with parents and/or siblings who don’t eat the same way as him. He gives scenarios of what you can do with open minded and supportive parents, but also tells you what you can do if your parents aren’t as accepting of you being vegan. He is very inspiring and is a great example of how other teenagers can go vegan too.

Want to learn about the experience of an owner of a vegan café in India? Keep watching.

Aishwarya is the owner of The Real Green Cafe, which is a vegan cafe in Pune, India. In this video, she talks about the reasons why she started a vegan cafe. She explains that she didn’t just open the café for vegans- but for meat eaters too! Aishwarya wanted to show meat eaters how delicious vegan food can be. She talks about food as a source of activism and also gives advice to other people who want to start up a vegan cafe.

Want to hear some things that vegans deal with hearing all the time? This video is for you.

This comedic video from Bite Size Vegan, created by Emily Moran Barwick, goes over some popular questions and statements that vegans get asked all the time. Some of the questions asked in the video include: What’s in fake meat and cheese? What about protein in a vegan diet? Do plants have feelings? Is breast milk vegan? What about lions? They eat meat so why can’t I? What about wool? What if you were on a desert island… And much more!

If you want to know how to become a vegan bodybuilder, Vegan Hustle TV will tell you.

Vegan Hustle TV is run by a vegan athlete named KC, he has been vegan for over 3 years! He is living in the United Kingdom and shows how easy it is to gain muscle on a vegan diet. He makes videos about both the health and ethical aspects of veganism. In this video, KC shares his top 5 bodybuilding tips for vegans who want to build muscles. He has lots of workout videos showing what exercises he does to gain all the muscle that he has, and what he eats as a bodybuilder as well.

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I'm a 21 year old ethical vegan who makes a living selling hand drawn vegan apparel. I'm a Canadian Palestinian, currently living in the province of Alberta. I live with my amazing boyfriend who lives the same lifestyle as me, and we have a rescue dog named Jamal. I'm a chartered herbalist, and freelance writer as well.