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Happy February! We have some great videos for you this month. If you are struggling with your vegan journey, or want some tips in general from an experienced vegan, we have a video that features 6 practical and useful tips. You can also hear about the experience from a vegan bodybuilder named Joshua Knox. We’ve also included Tabitha Brown’s review of the popular TTLA sandwich. To end this blog post, we’ve featured a funny parody that is sure to make you laugh. Enjoy!

How to Go Vegan | 6 Simple Tips ~ Brown Vegan

In this video, Monique from Brown Vegan gives 6 tips to help those looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Not only do these tips help you start your vegan journey, but they will also help you stay vegan.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6 tips that she discusses in the video:

  1. Determine your “why”
  2. Make the decision to go vegan
  3. Be ready, so you don’t have to get ready
  4. Don’t restrict yourself more than you have to
  5. Find a vegan community
  6. Progress over perfection — ALWAYS

A vegan bodybuilding experiment: Joshua Knox at TEDxFremont

In this video, Joshua Knox, a Google employee, explains how his 1-week vegan experiment turned into a 1.5+ year lifestyle change. He talks about how veganism has affected his bodybuilding and overall lifestyle, including social life.

One interesting point that he brought up was that when people first go vegan or think about going vegan, they think about all the foods that they are going to be missing out on. Instead, he talked about how many new foods he was introduced to that he would have never tried if he didn’t go plant-based.

Tabitha Brown TTLA review

In this video, actress Tabitha Brown shares her thoughts on Whole Food’s newest sandwich, the TTLA. After this video went viral, non-vegans and vegans around the United States went flocking to Whole Foods to get their hands on this vegan take of the BLT.

HOW TO BE VEGAN (parody)

In this parody video, Hayley Morris tells viewers how to be vegan. Keep in mind, this video wasn’t made to make fun of vegans – Hayley is actually vegan herself! She just has a great sense of humor. How many of the things that she mentioned in the video do you do?

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