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This week, learn how an NBA star changed his life through diet, and find out about some fashionable vegan bags and wallet options. Have you ever wondered what a professional vegan soccer player eats? Find out on this week’s Now Playing on VeganFlix!


Listen to John Salley talk about his experience with a plant based diet.

John Salley is an actor, Health and Wellness advocate, and an NBA star. He changed his life through following a vegan diet. In this video, Salley explains how his doctor told him he had extremely high cholesterol levels, and if he wasn’t as active as he was, he would be close to death. His doctor explained that his eating habits were killing him. Instead of going on cholesterol-lowering medications, Salley took matters into his own hands and chose to change his diet to a plant based one. His message to everyone is: “Eat a plant-based diet, or don’t. A plant-based diet keeps you alive, the other diet keeps you in the hospital.”

Ever wondered where to get the best vegan handbags? Just watch this video to find out!

In this video, Cibelle Batal gives a very thorough review of products that she and her husband purchased from a vegan company called Matt and Nat. She made this video after 6 months of owning and using the products so that she would be able to fully experience them before giving her opinion. Cibelle shows what the bags and wallets look like, and tells us which ones are her favorite. It is a great video that shows you don’t have to use leather or animal products to make sturdy, useful, and fashionable bags! The four items that she reviewed in this video are the Hope Charity Bag, the Wellington Bag, the Chubby Wallet, and the York Wallet.

What does Baggio Husidic eat to stay so fit and play soccer so well? Watch to find out.

Baggio Husidic is a 29-year-old Bosnian footballer who plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy team. He is a Major Soccer League Champion, and a vegan athlete as well. In this video, Baggio talks about soccer and food. He explains what he eats, and how he struggled in the beginning of his vegan journey and even questioned if he could do it or not! Baggio grew up in Bosnia during their civil war, and now he is a professional vegan soccer player. His story is very inspiring.

Is being vegetarian enough to have a non-violent life? Meenu Beswal explains her thoughts in this TEDx Talk.

Meenu Beswal is a vegan trying to reach an audience of both meat eaters and vegetarians. In this talk, she explains why it is necessary for vegetarians to remove dairy products from their diet in order to truly follow a non-violent lifestyle. Being vegetarian isn’t enough, and this diet still causes a lot of harm. She talks about the reason why humans should not be consuming dairy, both the health aspects and the ethical as well. Meenu is very passionate about both human and animal rights. She has worked with Amnesty International in Thailand for 8 years now. She constantly tries to raise awareness about important issues in this world.

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