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 This week you can find out about some awesome vegan apparel, learn about a 300 pound vegan athlete, hear some new vegan tunes, and sit down and relax watching an inspiring documentary about a simpler way of life.

When you’re looking for vegan fashion inspo, Henya Mania has got your back.

Henya is an Israeli animal rights activist that has an impressive collection of vegan apparel, jewelry, and tattoos as well. Her expertise is making youtube videos showing how easy it is to travel as a vegan, and also veganizing some delicious Israeli food. Even though she has her own vegan clothing line called VEGANGSTA, Henya still supports a wide variety of other vegan businesses and shows them off in this beautiful lookbook. Not only does she show you some examples of vegan apparel, but she shows you how she wears them in a styling and fashionable outfit that will impress anyone and everyone.

Need fitness inspiration? This 300 pound vegan former NFL player will inspire you and show you how to reach your goals.

David Carter is a former NFL player that is now plant based vegan. This vegan athlete, public speaker, and animal rights activist will show you just how easy it is to gain muscle and lose weight on a plant based diet. He debunks popular vegan myths and common questions that vegans receive on daily basis such as the typical “where do you get your protein from?” David also shows how being a vegan is actually manly, and he shows just how attractive compassion is.

Feel like having a relaxing night drinking tea or a soy latte and watching a documentary? A Simple Way of Life is a great one to watch.

There is a lot of confusion and controversy around the subjects of nutrition, natural medicine, and organic farming. This causes a lot of unneeded bias between the vegan and the omnivore. Gennaro and Milena are owners at GEMINAS. This insightful documentary with English subtitles gives a glance into alternative lifestyles and a simple way of life. The documentary explains things that are not taught in schools, and how it is okay to follow a path that isn’t what everyone else takes.

In the mood to listen to a catchy and informative song? The Vegan Song is just what you need. 

Jessica Rae teamed up with her mother, boyfriend, and uncle to create this music video. Her mother wrote the lyrics, Jessica sang and was the one featured in the video, her boyfriend created the music, and her uncle edited and filmed the video. The lyrics to The Vegan Song are very powerful and insightful. In just under 4 minutes, this song covers so much about veganism, and explains why vegans do not consume animals, and what they eat instead. It is a very catchy song with a great sense of humor, and the scenery is gorgeous!

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I'm a 21 year old ethical vegan who makes a living selling hand drawn vegan apparel. I'm a Canadian Palestinian, currently living in the province of Alberta. I live with my amazing boyfriend who lives the same lifestyle as me, and we have a rescue dog named Jamal. I'm a chartered herbalist, and freelance writer as well.