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We have some incredible videos for you this week on VeganFlix! Hear a vegan testimonial for actress Kimberly Elise who has been meat-free for over 17 years. Learn about the protein myth that we are all fed, along with why a plant-based diet is the best way to combat chronic disease. Finally, get a glimpse of what it’s like being a vegan business in Germany!

Kimberly Elise’s Vegan Testimonial

Actor Kimberly Elise hasn’t eaten any flesh for over 17 years now! She has been vegetarian for 10 years, and vegan for around 7 years. In this video with PETA, Kimberly describes some of the benefits that she’s received since changing the way she eats. One perk she brought up that people  might find interesting is: “you don’t realize what food tastes like until you stop eating meat.” So true! Everything just tastes better when your palette is cleansed and animal products aren’t part of the equation anymore!

Protein and the myth we’re fed | Del Sroufe | TEDxYearlingRoad

We all know the most common questions that vegans get is “but where do you get your protein?” Del Sroufe is a plant-based chef and the author of a cookbook. He has been cooking in vegetarian and vegan restaurants and kitchens for over 27 years! One of these includes the popular Forks Over Knives; The Cookbook. In this video, Del analyzes the perceptions that many people have about a plant-based diet, specifically on the protein aspect.

Is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet The Answer to Chronic Disease? 2017 Documentary

Is a whole food plant-based diet the answer to chronic / modern disease? Find out the answer in this brand new 2017 short documentary, which features a number of doctors discussing the benefits of vegan dieting. The presenters in this film include Dr. Kim Williams (immediate past president of the US College of Cardiology), Dr. Heleen Roex, Dr. Alphonse Roex and Dr. Malcolm Mackay among others.

Vegan – a trend becomes a lucrative business | Made in Germany

This video focuses on how veganism is now going mainstream, especially in Germany! So many people have caught onto the huge demand for vegan products and decided to open their own vegan businesses. “Burgers without meat, cakes without eggs and ice cream made with soy milk are in fashion.” This video features Dandy’s Diner, a completely vegan fast food restaurant. It also features Veganz, a  completely vegan supermarket chain with 10 stores over Europe. You can even find out some great vegan hair salons (where no products used are tested on animals or contain animal ingredients), and more!

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