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Have you ever wondered what food all major human civilizations ate? Or how to eat healthy food while stuck in a food desert? Are you in the mood to watch an incredible vegan parody to a famous song? Finally, do you want to learn what a professional vegan boxer eats to get over 200 grams of protein a day? You can find all this out and more with what’s playing this week on VeganFlix.

What Foods Does a Well-Respected Doctor Recommend You Eat?

John McDougall is a plant based doctor who has been studying the effects of nutrition and disease for more than 40 years. He has written and spoken about the topic extensively. In this video, he explains the food similarities between all major civilizations on earth. He explains what human civilizations ate to thrive and grow as a population. He believes that a starch-based diet is what humans are meant to eat. This diet includes foods such as rice, potatoes, grains, corn, wheat, etc. McDougall is the bestselling author of the well-known book called The Starch Solution. If you still want more information after watching this TEDx talk, you can check out his website

Is it Possible to Eat Healthy in a Food Desert?

In this video, Jenné from Sweet Potato Soul gives her tips and advice on how to eat healthy and even vegan in a food desert. What is a food desert, though? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes them perfectly. On their website, they wrote: “Food deserts are areas that lack access to affordable fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk, and other foods that make up a full and healthy diet. Many Americans living in rural, minority, or low-income areas are subjected to food deserts and may be unable to access affordable, healthy foods, leaving their diets lacking essential nutrients.”

Even though Jenné doesn’t live in a food desert herself, she is still very educated about the topic. Her advice is unique and helpful to anyone who is struggling with feeding themselves and their family healthy and nutritious food.

Have Your Mind Blown with this Incredible Vegan Parody from Adele’s song, “Hello”

This Official Vegan Parady from the famous song “Hello” by Adele was created by the Light Twins and Treena Strong. These three people wrote the lyrics together, but the song and music video was performed by Treena Strong. Treena is wearing a faux fur in this video to show that you don’t need to kill animals for fashion. Music is an amazing way to spread the vegan message, and this music video was definitely successful in doing so! This was the first parody that the Light Twins have created. The full lyrics are written in the description box of their video on youtube, and the lyrics are so well-written and catchy. Here is an excerpt of the chorus:

* now I’m on the vegan side
* so I can save a thousand lives
* don’t be sorry for, everything we’ve done wrong
* it’s a journey, this path lead, to where we belong

The Light Twins created this song for all the animals out there, and for the dream of a vegan world.

Want to Learn Some Benefits of Veganism from a Heavyweight Boxing Champion?

David Haye is a Brittish professional boxer and an ethical vegan. In this video (done in collaboration with PETA UK), he discusses the benefits that he has experienced after going vegan. He also talks about the foods that he eats to keep him strong and healthy. He explains that he easily gets over 200 grams of protein a day from plants such as quinoa, brown rice, and yellow split peas. Haye believes that investing in nutritious food is an investment in your health. He recommends everyone try to cut out meat and animal products even just two days a week to see how they feel. He guarantees that if people change their diet to a plant based one, they will lose body fat and feel a positive difference.

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