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This week on VeganFlix, learn how to make a delicious chickpea curry in just 5 minutes! Take a tour of vegan cheese factory Miyoko’s Kitchen, and have your mind blown by the most incredible vegan rap you will ever hear. Finally, learn about the true power of plant foods and how they can heal your body.

Chickpea Curry – 5 Minute Dinner

The Happy Pear is a youtube channel run by two plant-based twin brothers living in Ireland. On their channel, they have a 5-minute dinner series where they show you how to make amazing recipes that are quick and healthy. This zingy curry is super satisfying and full of veggie goodness. They have the full list of ingredients and instructions underneath the description of the video on youtube. Enjoy!

BEST Vegan Cheese & How It’s Made – Miyoko’s Kitchen Tour

In this video, The Vegan Zombie takes us on a tour of Miyoko’s kitchen. Miyoko’s Kitchen is a vegan cheese company started by an incredible woman named Miyoko Schinner. She embarked on a mission to recreate the range of flavors and textures that she had once enjoyed from dairy cheeses before becoming vegan. Now, she has her own vegan cheese “factory” and sells her plant-based cheeses all over North America. Enjoy this video of behind the scenes methods of how this delicious cheese is made.


This video of Kyle rapping recently went viral on Facebook. Klaus from Plant Based News posted it on his youtube channel to help even more people see the video. The original video is from Kyle’s Instagram, @kyle_osull. The rap is just over 3 minutes long and has meaningful lyrics. Everything rhymes and there are 10 verses to the rap. Here’s an example of one of the verses, but you have to listen to the full rap to truly be amazed!

We’re on, number one
So where do you get your protein from?
Nuts, beans, tofu, seeds
Quinoa, lentils, hemp and peas
Oatmeal, spinach and we know what’s in it
I wish I could say the same for meat
Soy’s my boy and so’s broccoli
But you can only still name me one

TEDxOttawa – Natasha Kyssa – Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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