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Happy May! We have some great videos for you this month. If you’ve ever wondered about vegan pregnancy, we’ve featured the perfect interview video for you. This blog post also includes a vegan song recorded at a sanctuary, along with a delicious pad thai recipe. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered about how much protein you need as a vegan (especially when building muscle), a 53-year-old vegan athlete educates us and debunks some popular myths. Enjoy!

Healthy Vegan Pregnancy 

In this video, Jenne from Sweet Potato Soul interviews her friend Kendra about her experience with a vegan pregnancy. She talks about protein requirements, common allergens, yoga, and much more. Kendra totally breaks the myth that you can’t be vegan while pregnant!

Chokeules – 40-Year-Old Vegan

This vegan music video was created by Dan Jardine. It’s very catchy and the best part is that it was filmed at a farm sanctuary!

Pad Thai (vegan) ☆ パッタイの作り方

Thi is a super simple and easy recipe for authentic Pad Thai. There is no talking in this video, just music with text. Just 13 ingredients and 5 easy steps is all it takes to make this delicious dish.

How much protein do you really need? Vegan muscles.

Mu Jin Han is a 53-year-old vegan athlete. In this video, he explains why most people (especially within the fitness industry) are wrong about how much protein they need to build muscles. He talks about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet for building muscle and debunks a lot of common myths.

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I'm a 21 year old ethical vegan who makes a living selling hand drawn vegan apparel. I'm a Canadian Palestinian, currently living in the province of Alberta. I live with my amazing boyfriend who lives the same lifestyle as me, and we have a rescue dog named Jamal. I'm a chartered herbalist, and freelance writer as well.