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This week we meet the owners of a vegan soul restaurant in Detroit, a compassionate and passionate vegan athlete — and find out about the best new cruelty-free bags!

Hungry for vegan soul food? Watch “It’s Not Catfish, It’s Tofu”

Hear from the co-owner and executive chef of Detroit Vegan Soul about their inspiring personal journey. And watch reluctant soul food lovers try vegan versions of catfish for the first time! Their reactions are everything.

Ready to bulk up while vegan? Watch “Why Would An Athlete Go VEGAN?”

Athlete Leo Venaas gives you the rundown on why he went vegan, his favorite documentaries, the ethics of being vegan, and what he puts in his smoothies (hint: no animals were harmed for his protein drink). Since so many people seem to be instant health experts when they hear you’re vegan, this is a good counterpoint.

Looking for a cruelty-free bag for fall? Watch “The Best Vegan Bags”

Have you ever thought about how many totes and bags are made with leather and other animal products? It’s needless suffering! These bags are beautiful, fashionable, and totally animal-free. Feel good while shopping with bags from brands like Matt & Nat.


About the Author

Emily Savage is a journalist, vegan, and social media strategist. Her work has appeared on PETA, Bust Magazine, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, SF Weekly, Ventana Magazine and more. She resides in sleepy coastal Ventura, Calif. with her husband and two rescue pups.