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We have some great videos for you this week on VeganFlix! Have you ever tried meal prepping before? If not, we included an excellent video to get you started. Do you know anyone whose life has been impacted by Alzheimer’s? Unfortunately, many of us do. This post includes a very educational and inspirational Tedx talk by Dr. Neal Barnard, who provides insight on how to prevent this terrible disease. This week you will also be introduced to a 12-year-old small business owner, and a documentary that has been around for years, but not many people have seen. Enjoy!

FULL WEEK VEGAN MEAL PREP (For Work or School) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

This is a super helpful video for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. Meal prepping is an amazing way to free up time during the week, and it also keeps you on track with eating vegan and healthy. If you have vegan meals prepared in advance for the week, that is what you will eat. This video by Cheap Lazy Vegan shows how to meal prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days of the week. If you don’t want to create these exact same recipes, it’s easy to use them as inspiration to create your own.

Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck

Dr. Neal Barnard is president of the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine (PCRM). He dedicates his life to promoting a plant-based diet to save people from illness and disease. In this Tedx Talk, Dr. Barnard tells the story of his father and how he unfortunately died of Alzheimer’s disease. He gives viewers hope by talking about scientific studies and providing evidence how the food you eat affects your brain, and how it can either lead to Alzheimer’s, or prevent it. Whether you are vegan or not, this talk is educational and motivating.

Chicago Boy, 12, Finds Success With His Own Gourmet Vegan Popcorn Business

How many of us can say that we know a 12-year-old who runs their own business? Jayden Hammond is an inspiring child living in Chicago who had an amazing idea. He started a gourmet vegan popcorn company with a family recipe. Jayden donates 5% of his profits to the Flint Water Crisis. Watch this quick report of him and his business to get inspired, and if you are in Chicago, see if you can find and try some of his popcorn!

DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA ✰ John Robbins ✰ Full Documentary

John Robbins is an American author. He’s a vegan, environmentalist, and an activist. His father founded the famous Baskin Robbins, and instead of following in his footsteps, John decided to go down the more conscious path. He became vegan and started advocating for the health of plants, and animal rights. This documentary might not be the newest one out there, but it is packed full of information and inspiration.

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