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Feeling scholarly? Watch “Vegans on Top: Ori Shavit at TedxHiriya”

How can you change the world every time you go to a restaurant? With both humor and gravitas, food writer and journalist Ori Shavit explains how one can become a “choose-avore,” making conscious decisions while still enjoying all the fruits of good food. She delves into common misconceptions about food traditions, happy chicks, and the need for milk by giving stats on the behind-the-scenes realities of these industries. And asks, what’s the true cost of that omelet? Through her connections in the food world, Shavit unlocked a colorful new vegan reality and shares how she came to this conclusion. Bon appétit!


Looking for a quick laugh? Watch “THAT NEW VEGAN QUESTION| Vegan Punch Bag | Sketch #76”

With bright purple hair and a frenetic disposition, Vegan Punch Bag sets up the joke and builds to one of those silly questions all vegans get asked. Your response? Likely the same as his, but as he notes, we were all new vegans once too, sheesh. This is sketch #76 of an ongoing series by the comedian based on actual conversations he’s had as a real-life vegan. Sometimes, you have to laugh!


When you’re ready to make a big change. Watch “Mini Vegan Documentary”

This short, friendly mini documentary shows how one can go from “I love eggs too much” to teaching others how to make easy vegan meals, like spaghetti and “meat” balls. The filmmaker follows along as Desiree Diaz and Simone Gates-Wiggins go food shopping at mainstream stores like Target, prep a meal, and explore how and why they’ve gone vegan. It’s a relatable journey.


  1. When you want a special treat to dip in your almond milk latte. Watch: Almond & Cranberry Biscotti: Gluten Free, Wholegrain & Vegan

Everyone loves biscotti! This gluten-free, oil-free vegan almond and cranberry biscotti would be the most lovely addition to a fancy tea party—or just for your morning latte. The short recipe should have you dipping biscotti in less than an hour. And Sarah from Vegan Style Cooking has such a pleasant, easy-to-follow style, she puts the cooking novice right at ease.



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