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We have some great videos for you this week on VeganFlix! If you lead a busy lifestyle and find it hard to make time to cook, Jenné from Sweet Potato Soul shows you how to make 3 delicious meals that only take 5 minutes to make! If you are a college student, you’ll also get some amazing inspiration on what foods to buy and cook in your dorm, even if you don’t have a kitchen. This week you’ll also be introduced to an amazing vegan rap, and the UK’s first vegan dairy and café. Enjoy!

5 Minute Vegan Meals | Crazy Easy Vegan Recipes in Minutes

In this video, Jenné from Sweet Potato Soul shows you how to make 3 delicious vegan meals that only take 5 minutes each to make. These recipes are perfect for students, or anyone that has a busy lifestyle in general with not lots of time to cook. You can find the full written version of these recipes on her blog here.

How To Be Vegan In College + Healthy Dorm Haul!

This is such an informational and educational video that Mr. and Mrs. Vegan put together on how to eat a plant based diet in college! They met up with an actual college student named AJ to film this video. This video truly shows how easy it is to eat vegan with simple kitchen equipment such as a rice cooker or an instant pot, and a mini fridge. In this video, you will see an awesome grocery haul, learn some tips, and find out about easy and healthy meals you can make.

I’M A VEGAN (Rap Video) by DISL Automatic (Prod. by VeCity)

This is an amazing rap that gives information regarding veganism. It’s very catchy and the lyrics are well-thought out. It’s a powerful, brilliant song that everyone should listen to! The chorus is especially unforgettable and you will be singing along in no time.

NEW Unique Vegan Business

Tofurei is the first of its kind in the UK vegan dairy and cafe. There’s a huge range of delicious and completely vegan products for sale. Whether you want a sandwich, a full meal, some vegan chocolate, or desserts, Tofurei has got you covered!

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I'm a 21 year old ethical vegan who makes a living selling hand drawn vegan apparel. I'm a Canadian Palestinian, currently living in the province of Alberta. I live with my amazing boyfriend who lives the same lifestyle as me, and we have a rescue dog named Jamal. I'm a chartered herbalist, and freelance writer as well.