Have Your Mind Blown with this Incredible Vegan Parody from Adele’s song, “Hello”

This Official Vegan Parady from the famous song “Hello” by Adele was created by the Light Twins and Treena Strong. These three people wrote the lyrics together, but the song and music video was performed by Treena Strong. Treena is wearing a faux fur in this video to show that you don’t need to kill animals for fashion. Music is an amazing way to spread the vegan message, and this music video was definitely successful in doing so! This was the first parody that the Light Twins have created. The full lyrics are written in the description box of their video on youtube, and the lyrics are so well-written and catchy. Here is an excerpt of the chorus:

* now I’m on the vegan side
* so I can save a thousand lives
* don’t be sorry for, everything we’ve done wrong
* it’s a journey, this path lead, to where we belong

The Light Twins created this song for all the animals out there, and for the dream of a vegan world.