This is a short documentary (just under 25 minutes) about vegan lifestyles. Specifically, it follows the journey of a woman named Rachael Lowe. Rachael is a meat eater who decided to do an experiment. She wanted to follow a vegan diet for two weeks, to see how hard, or how easy it would be. During these two weeks, she wanted to provide people with first-hand experience about what it was like to go from being a meat-eater to being a vegan. During the documentary, there are many interviews that Rachael conducted. Becoming Vegan features interviews with Ellmore, Linda Wardale, Rosa Milan and Jack Daly. This short documentary was made for a final year media production project at the University of Lincoln.

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    1. Cleona Wallace - July 20, 2017 at 7:31 am

      I had to stop watching after a few minutes because it was too irritating. The nutritionist she chose to speak to didn’t seem to really know about veganism, nor was she particularly enthusiastic. She didn’t mention honey for example as another food product typically avoided by vegans. Also then the girl goes to a market, picks up a squash, puts it down and then goes to look at bottled salad dressing and microwave food in Tesco!!! At that point I had switch it off. Maybe it gets better later…