Are you looking for some sustainable, vegan footwear?

Sustainably Vegan is a youtube channel run by an inspiring lady from the United Kingdom. She makes videos about topics related to zero waste and veganism such as recipes, tips, how to shop, and more. In this video, an ethical footwear company from Brasil is featured. This company is called Insecta Shoes. They transform used clothing and recycled plastic bottles into shoes, bags, purses, wallets, sandals, and boots. They use fabric and print from abandoned clothing, so almost every shoe is different and has a different design. They use no animal products whatsoever, so they are a fully vegan company. All of their practices are fair trade as well. Overall, Insecta Shoes is a fully vegan, ecological, zero waste, and fair trade small business. Watch this video to find out more about them and to hear a review of their shoes!