Watch this video to learn why this 14-year-old boy went vegan at the age of 11.

Kevin is a 14-year-old vegan that went vegan at the age of 11 years old! He was born in Bahrain (a small country in Asia, near Qatar) into a non-vegan family. Since he went vegan 3 years ago, a lot has changed. After 2 years of being vegan, his family finally realized it wasn’t a phase, and they went vegan too! So did his sister. In this video, Kevin explains exactly what made him go vegan at 11 and how he found out about veganism in the first place. His story is very inspiring, and Kevin is seeing changes happen all around him. In this video, he even said that a vegan restaurant is opening up in Bahrain! Kevin said: “Veganism gave me a purpose like nothing ever has and now I want to devote my life to giving back and doing what’s right.”