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Feature Film

The Golden Bow

drama, coming of age Vvegan character + subplot, powerful AR scene

Millenials Lux and Samir watch in vain as their planned paths to independence spiral into oblivion due to circumstances beyond their control. Together, they forge new dreams as they battle the forces that threaten to undermine their stability and success.

This is a powerful story with modern socio-political realities and YES, the violin bow is vegan!

Streaming Series

Com . Passion

“hopeful-dystopian”, tech-thriller Vvegan characters + sub-plots, more

Global warming and worldwide political unrest is taking it’s toll.
A forced labor unit is building a top-secret colony to protect the global elites.
Time is running out.
But there is one last hope; the CMP7, a group of hacktivists, ex-military, and awake citizens who combine forces and risk everything to restore truth and justice for all living beings.

Short Film


comedy Vvegan characters, Vystopia

Jackie has spent the last 48 Saturday nights watching NIKITA reruns on Netflix. Her best friend, who insists Jackie has isolated for too long, finds her an online vegan therapist (Clare Mann appearing as herself).

After exploring ‘Vystopia’ and going to the “inner-gym,” Jackie is back!

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious” ~Peter Ustinov