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The pandemic shut down California productions for 2 years and was especially hard for small studios, a number of which shut down. VeganFlix is still here, and building back up!

Current Projects In Development

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious” ~Peter Ustinov

Steaming Series

JACKIE JONES: Finding Vegan Love

comedy VVegan star, Vegan theme

Jackie has spent her weekend nights alone watching Netflix ever since she found that being a vegan in her small town was hard on her love life.  She had hoped to find someone to share her compassion for animals and her love of vegan food but eventually gave up.

Her roomie and best friend Alex insists that Jackie has isolated herself for far too long and schemes ways to get Jackie get back out into the dating world.

What ensues is a hilarious yet relatable romp into the fabulous and frustrating, world of vegan dating.

Will Jackie ever find romantic love again and If so, how many dates will it take?

Future Projects

Feature Film

The Golden Bow

drama, coming of age Vvegan character + subplot, powerful AR scene

Teenagers Lux and Samir watch in vain as their planned paths to independence spiral into oblivion due to circumstances beyond their control. Together, they forge new dreams as they battle the forces that threaten to undermine their stability and success.

This powerful coming of age story has a strong and compelling ethical vegan character the likes of whom we definitely need to see more of on screen!

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