About us



Stories have shaped culture since the beginning of time. Movies in particular have a powerful influence on human behavior.

Vegans and our worldview are often invisible on screen or we are portrayed as negative one-dimensional characters. Being left out or misrepresented in such a powerful cultural medium can have serious detrimental effects for people, animals, and the earth.

At Veganflix Studios we are making entertaining movies and content that fosters empathy for all sentient beings.


Director-Sara Millman


I am a filmmaker and have been a vegan for over 40 years. Now my focus is to get positive vegan characters and themes on screen.

My past work has been chosen as official selections at over 35 film festivals, distributed in three countries, and has streamed on Netflix and cable.

I intend to get our upcoming projects the widest reach possible in order to help promote compassionate change and invite
your support to make this happen!