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VeganFlix Seed Grant

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Veganflix Studio-Our Story

As the founders of VeganFlix Studio, we bring 80 years of combined vegan experience to our work. We produce books, films and art with all vegan printing, art supplies, crafty (food on set), wardrobe, and beyond.

It all started back in 1981, when as a teenage aspiring actor in New York, I (Sara) hustled through countless auditions until finally landing my first role. However, it wasn’t the movie role I had auditioned for. The casting agent urgently needed someone to fill a spot in a TV commercial after a last-minute cancellation.

My task? Look happy and drink some milk!

When I told him I didn’t drink milk because I was a vegan, he was baffled. This was the '80s, and the concept of veganism was not well known, even in New York City. Needless to say, I didn’t get the part.

In years to come, I switched my acting dreams to screenwriting and directing. In 2003, my first micro-budget feature film played at festivals around the world and streamed on Netflix. It was made digitally instead of using gelatin-based film stock, and the food served on set, as well as the wardrobe, was vegan.

In 2016, VeganFlix was created as a platform to connect with vegans and showcase vegan short videos. Seven years later, my daughter Sadie Rose—an inspired creator and artist as well as a lifelong vegan—joined me in rebranding as VeganFlix Studio. Under Sadie's creative expertise, we are expanding our studio offerings to include books and art. Our newest project, Rough Cut Vegan, a graphic memoir, is set to launch at year's end.

Additionally, our VeganFlix Seed Grant Program has been supporting filmmakers with new vegan and animal rights video projects since 2016.

We look forward to connecting and collaborating with our vegan community!

Sara Abed M.

Sara is an indie filmmaker whose work  has lit up screens at festivals worldwide and Netflix movie nights alike!

Sara's latest work, Rough Cut Vegan, is a graphic memoir chronicling how her adventures as a vegan teenage actor in 1980’s New York City shaped her unique path in the film world.

Sadie Rose

Sadie is an artist working in a variety of mediums, including music, writing, and digital art.

She is a lifelong vegan with a delicious sense of humor and she makes a mean sushi. 

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