So happy to be sharing our interview with Haru Lev about her documentary project Omnibus musical documentary for animal liberation. Haru is among the 2021 recipients of our VeganFlix Video Seed Grant. You can check out Haru’s work via her website. Look out for her inspiring & creative musical documentary!

VF: Thank you for connecting with us Haru! We’d love to know more about your video/story theme.

HL: I’m working on Omnibus-musical-documentary for animal liberation. I’m currently making an original soundtrack compilation album with 15 vegan musicians & bands in Korea. They are writing songs about various issues like speciesism, intersectionality, climate justice, animal cruelty, and more. After releasing the compilation album, I’m going to make an MV for each song, put it together, and finish the feature film which will be about an hour in length.

VF: How did this idea come to you?

HL: I wanted to make a vegan documentary filmed in Korea, so I watched many other famous vegan documentaries. Upon doing so, I started to think that if I make something similar, it may only appeal to vegans rather than the entire general public. So I got inspired to create a project that is quite new, artistic, and that everybody would enjoy watching. I think art is a great tool for conveying important messages.

VF: What are your current and/or future filmmaking goals?

HL: My goal is to reach young artists and activists. I want to help them realize that all oppressions are connected and encourage them to join the animal liberation movement. I believe this will help make veganism the new normal in Korean society. This movie is the first of its kind, and it is my hope that it will be presented all over the world serving as a representative Asian vegan film.

Thanks so much Haru! We are really excited for your documentary and we appreciate your work. Cheers!