We ‘re making a movie!

Movies influence social culture and have a tremendous impact on human behavior.

Vegans are absent in movies!We need more positive vegan characters.

VeganFlix is on a mission to bring more vegan characters to the web and the big screen!

Pre-Prod Fall 2018

The Golden Bow is a heartwarming film that has a positive vegan character in a starring role. The movie has a coming of age theme relevant to today’s socio-political climate. The film also gives some exposure to important considerations of ethical veganism within its fictional narrative plot.

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Sara Millman has been an ethical vegan for over 40 years. Her films have been official selections at over 35 film festivals on 5 continents and have been distributed on Netflix and other channels.

Sara’s production company Filmworks7, along with her new platform VeganFlix, is on a mission to bring vegan characters and considerations to the web and big screen.